Storage Wars: Put Away or Display?

Storage Wars: Put Away or Display?

Jessica Tata
Jan 11, 2012

In the midst of my New Years purging, organizing and cleaning, I'm finding myself faced with a storage dilemma. I have traditionally hung my scarves and hats on hooks, much like the photo above, from Heidi & Lauren's Brilliant Austin Bungalow. However, I'm really feeling the urge to put away as many of my belongings as possible to simplify and declutter my home. What do I do?

Over the years, I have opted for many different options. I employed a stack of vintage suitcases in which I neatly stored all manner of my scarves, purses and accessories. Even after I removed the giant typewriter from the top of the stack, it remained less functional that I needed. Not to mention there was one suitcase from which the scent of moth balls would NOT go away. I found that if I couldn't see an item, I would forget about it altogether. Later, when I would be looking for something else, I would rediscover all of the things that I really ought to have been using all season.

After that, I went in the opposite direction. Since I need to see my accessories in order to use them, I simply kept all of my scarves and most frequently worn outerwear on a series of hooks on the wall. In one way it worked: I actually wore my items! But aesthetically, my wall just ended up looking like the jumble above — all of the time.

So now, I'm wavering between two options. One, cull out any items that I really don't wear or that are too worn or damaged to wear with pride, and work on keeping them displayed nicely. With a little bit more care for my items and discipline in keeping them tidy, I think I could turn the jumbled mess of my past into a pretty, well curated accessories station, like the one seen here, from I'm Glad I Exist.

The other option takes a little more spacial commitment, but might really be worth it for me and my personal habits. I might dedicate two drawers in my dresser to accessories. I've traditionally had very little closet space and relied greatly on my dresser, but have found myself with much more closet storage in my new home. (As an aside, if I didn't have sliding closet doors, I'd definitely utilize some over the door hooks and shoe storage---a really great way to organize accessories!) So getting those jammies out of the drawers and into the closet, and put those scarves away in my drawers could really offer a great solution! With the use of handy bins and dividers, I would be able to see all of my items, but they would tuck away with a push of the drawer.

So the question remains: to keep them displayed or put them away. How have you chosen to store your accessories in your home?

I know this all seems like a lot of thought put into one little home solution, but building a healthy home means utilizing the space you have in a thoughtful and efficient way. Over time, as we settle into homes that greater reflect our own personalities and habits, I think these things deserve some attention!

(Images: 1. 2. 3. 5. Jessica Blake Tata, 4. I'm Glad I Exist )

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