Studio Apartment Solutions: 6 Tips for Entertaining in One Room

Studio Apartment Solutions: 6 Tips for Entertaining in One Room

Adrienne Breaux
Dec 1, 2015

So you live in a studio. To save money, or perhaps live more simply. Or maybe even to afford to live in the neighborhood you love in your city. Whatever your reason for choosing to live in a studio, you might be thinking that entertaining — for the holidays or beyond — is out of the question. But you can entertain in a studio apartment; try these tips out in your small space.

1. Make seating flexible and movable

From small fold-able chairs you keep hidden in a closet until use, to light ottomans to stack-able floor cushions, you want to keep extra seating around your house. And the key to fitting more seating into your studio apartment is getting creative with flexible-use, movable furniture. It doesn't all have to live in the living area all the time; you can pull out and pull up extra seating when you entertain.

2. Go for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres versus a sit-down dinner

If you have room for a small dining table or coffee table you can arrange some guests around for a sit-down dinner, great! But sprinkling snacks and drinks around the apartment and having a small gathering that way is perfectly acceptable, too.

3. Cook ahead to keep people out of your tiny kitchen

People like to hang out around you when they come to visit. So if you're in your kitchen — and it happens to be tiny with only room for one — that could be a problem. Consider making the food ahead of time so you can spend more time out with your guests where they are, and consider creating a small drink station on a bar cart or tabletop that people can serve themselves from so they're not trying to make cocktails elbow-to-elbow with other guests in your small kitchen.

4. Make the bed more inviting to sit

If your bed is placed in the middle of your entertaining zone or not divided visually from the rest of your studio apartment, you might find people wanting to use it as a seat (or not being sure if they can use it as a seat). Use throw pillow arrangements to temporarily transform your bed into more of a lounge-y seat for the evening.

5. Hide your everyday items

Since you don't have rooms you can close the door on to hide the things you'd rather guests not see, work extra hard at tucking your everyday items like toiletries away in cabinets or in storage boxes, even just for the evening. It'll help your home feel less cluttered.

6. Set up a temporary coat and bag spot

If it's cold outside when you entertain and you won't have a room guests can toss their coats and purses into, consider setting up a small spot near the entryway where folks can hang or drape their coats and purses so they're not all tripping over them in the rest of your studio.

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