Survey: Are DVDs Still Better Than Blu-rays?

Survey: Are DVDs Still Better Than Blu-rays?

Anthony Nguyen
Mar 23, 2009

After reading up on IGN's recent piece on the number of pluses the DVD format still had to offer, we became a bit convinced that perhaps Blu-ray had a remaining adversary to contend with - despite leaving HD DVD in the dust during the last format war. Especially if the blue format hopes to win over those who have built up their vast movie collections over the 12 year time span that the DVD format has been around, they're going to need more than just fancy high resolutions...

Whether or not you agree or disagree - here's a list of interesting reasons why IGN thinks DVD still beats out Blu-ray in the long run:

  • It's Cheaper Than Blu-ray: Both DVD players and DVDs themselves remain affordable. Blu-ray releases tend to retail for an average of $10 more than their DVD counterparts.
  • Mo' Technology, Mo' Problems: We've all heard the complaints about Blu-ray load times. This sort of thing varies from player to player and title to title. The bottom line is that some people value performance and reliability more than innovation.
  • You Already Own A Ton of DVDs: The DVD has been around since 1997 -- near ancient in tech years. In the 12 years since the format was launched, home video buyers have snatched up movies on DVD at an astonishing rate. The DVD has even been called the most successful consumer product of all time.
  • Up-Conversation Really Works: DVD upscaling works by creating a new line of pixels -- this is accomplished by a process that copies parts of the surrounding pixels. It's essentially a technologically-enhanced guess at how a true high-def picture should appear.
  • You Can't Get That on Blu-ray: Content is king. And while studios are working to make more video product available on Blu-ray, the fact remains that there are innumerably more titles on DVD. There's also no indication that manufacturers will cease production on DVDs in the foreseeable future.
  • Blu-ray is A Stop-Gap: It's a fact. It may not happen tomorrow, or next year, or even five years from now, but sooner or later digital downloads are going to replace physical media for the most part.

Despite owning a few Blu-ray discs ourselves, it's hard to argue against the fact that digital downloads may take over sometime in the near future. Just cross your fingers and hope there's not another format war when it comes to digital media distribution (though we kinda have a feeling it's already starting to happen).

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