Tapes, Records & DVDs: 5 Clever Uses for Outdated Technology

Tapes, Records & DVDs: 5 Clever Uses for Outdated Technology

Kevin Whipps
Jan 17, 2012

New technologies come and go, and in the process, we're left with all of these physical reminders of times gone by. Sure, you could take those artifacts and toss them in the recycle bin, but what fun would that be? Instead, we've got a few suggestions on what to do with that old tech, and how to make it useful again.

Make Art With an Old Casette Tape: Admittedly, this takes a lot of talent and a creative eye, but why not design something creative? Artist Erika Simmons made this and many other beautiful works of art all using tape.

Vinyl iPhone Case: Custom shaped out of an old vinyl record complete with a 45 adapter, this gadget protector makes what's old new again.

VHS Tape Gift Wrapping: There are miles worth of tape inside old VCR videotapes, why not put them to good use? Recycle them by pulling them out of the tape and use them as gift wrap.

Vinyl Business Card Holder: Liven up your desk with a business card holder made from two vinyl records.

Build a Hidden Cabinet Using Old DVD Cases: Nothing makes you feel more like Batman than a hidden storage compartment. Using a few tools and some old DVD cases, you can make a cabinet door that everyone else will think holds your old movies, and not that expensive trinket you keep stashed inside.

(Images: 1. Erika Simmons, a.k.a. Iri5; Woman's Day 2. VLING 3. Diane Gilleland, Crafty By Nature 4. Groovy, Art Gallery 18 5. Instructables)

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