Using Vine to Teach, Learn, and Connect In Just Six Seconds

Using Vine to Teach, Learn, and Connect In Just Six Seconds

Joelle Alcaidinho
Jan 30, 2013

Is it possible to learn something new in six seconds? Is six seconds long enough for a meaningful connection with friends and family? Why six seconds? That's the amount of recording time you get in Vine. Read on to learn more about Vine and how to use it to discover how to fix items around the house, connect with loved ones, and share how to tips.

Vine is a new video sharing app owned by Twitter that lets you upload short six second looping video clips. The easiest way to browse Vine is through the app itself, but you can also view Vine videos online via the url (easiest way to find the url is via Twitter).

When you create a video with Vine there is no complex editing, or really any editing at all. The only controls you have are "stop" and "start". When you have finished recording, after accepting the recorded 6 second reel, the video uploads. It's extremely simple, but perhaps that's why people have taken to it quickly. Here are some of the creative ways we've seen people use Vine:

Earlier this week I used Vine to teach my sister (and the world, since Vine is public) to use a French press coffee maker. Although the time limit is short, I was able to stop and start the recording at critical points for her to follow along. Sure, she could look up how to use a French press online, but sharing this link in a short video that I made for her was much more fun and more personal. This also provided us a way to connect regarding our shared love of coffee. Friends with kids have talked about using Vine to share moments like their child cracking up or dancing with family that live far away.

So what can one do in six seconds? Quite a lot and whether you want to teach a tiling technique or learn how to do something, Vine is a new fun way to make this happen.

If you're making your own tutorial Vine video, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Break up what you're trying to teach into small steps (ideally 6 if you're using Vine)

  2. Wait until your shot is in focus before you start recording

  3. Start the recording and record for a second per step

  4. Add text as appropriate

While the app is currently only available for iOS, we hope an Android and Windows Phone version is not too far behind. Want to check out more tutorials? Download Vine for free, tap on Explore and type in #howto to take some 6 seconds classes!

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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