Helpful Tech for Your Daily Commute

Helpful Tech for Your Daily Commute

Julienne Lin
Mar 7, 2013

I live in Los Angeles, and the best ways to get to work is often a hot topic of discussion ("forget the 10, take the 110 to the 105!"). So are complaints about the traffic out here. For those of you living in cities that experience the same type of traffic agonies, here is a roundup of tech that can help you get through a painful commute.

ExoMount: For those of you who don't mind using your smartphone to navigate, you're going to need a good smartphone mount so you aren't staring down into your cup holder trying to read the screen. Not many smartphone mounts look nice, but the ExoMount is a well-designed one. It isn't bulky and allows you to mount the phone in a number of different angles. It comes in black, gray or white.

Garmin Nuvi: Not everyone's car comes with a navigation system, and to spare a couple hundred dollars most people either use a portable navigation or their smartphones. I'm not a huge fan of using my smartphone for my main tool to navigate the road because I don't want to be constantly charging my phone and it sucks out a lot of battery. Garmin's newest portable GPS, the Nuvi, is a lot thinner and sleeker than the previous models. They've added active live guidance on a split screen to help you better understand when you are exiting the freeway. One of my favorite features is the Lifetime Maps that ensure that your maps are constantly updated even if buildings change or roads close.

SuperTooth HD: The SuperTooth HD gives you the luxury of having your car equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone and streams your music or phone calls handsfree. Just clip it onto your sun visor and it's ready to go. It also adapts automatically with ambient light so it's easy on your eyes while driving.

Griffin iTrip: Remember when we used to stick a cassette tape-like device into the car's tape deck in order to play music from our iPods? We've come a long way since then. Griffin's iTrip is a wonderful FM transmitter that lets you play songs on your iPhone or iPod on any FM radio. The interface is easy to use with intuitive buttons that allow you to skip, pause and play.

Automatica: The Automatica lets you carry all your digital valuables that are in the cloud. It can carry 24 hours of audio and plugs into the USB port of your car. Unfortunately this means your car will need to have a USB port and an audio system interface so that you can select songs without being distracted while you're driving.

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