The "4 Spots" Rule for Easy Moving Days

The "4 Spots" Rule for Easy Moving Days

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 7, 2012

Moving out is stressful! Packing everything up so it won't break and knowing you have to unpack everything again can be a real energy drain. What makes moving out of a rental even worse? Having to spend hours, potentially having to douse a part of your home in chemicals, just to clean a spot you neglected while you were there.

Certainly you should be aiming for an all-over clean house all year long, but after years of moving in and out of plenty of places, we've noticed a pattern. There are four spots that, if neglected throughout our stay, were absolutely heck to clean. Mainly because of baked on dirt or soap scum so bad it had an attitude. Don't ever let these four spots get out of hand and you'll be saving yourself from a stressful moving out and cleaning day in the end!

Stove/oven: Baked on grease? Yuck! Don't spend all day trying to clean this area before a move. Here's a nice tip to use all year for you and the earth: How To Clean the Stove Naturally.

Toilet: Stains can be a nightmare when they've been sitting for awhile. Follow the cleaning tips in this post, How To Clean Your Toilet, on a regular basis so your toilet won't need an intervention when you move out.

Shower: Many folks' nemesis. Let this area get out of hand a little, and it'll be out of hand a lot — very soon. Don't spend your last day in your current place pulling your shoulder out scrubbing the shower: How To Clean Soap Scum

Fridge: Another spot that gets worse and worse almost imperceptibly slowly. Don't let hardened, spilled condiments ruin your moving day. Use these ideas and keep it clean on the regular: How to Keep the Fridge Clean

Do you have any tips for keeping trouble spots clean so that you don't have to struggle on moving day? How about any horror stories about moving clean ups that you've learned lessons from?

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