The Wisest Wisdom & Best Advice From Our House Tours

The Wisest Wisdom & Best Advice From Our House Tours

Jennifer Hunter
May 12, 2015

You already know our House Tour subjects have great style, but they also have some shockingly great advice to offer. Here are some of our favorite, recent pearls of wisdom from these fine folks that we heartily agree with. Listen well!

(Above) Melissa and Ramzy: Trust your instinct when it comes to style. Things in your home don’t need to match, you just need to love them.

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(Image credit: Chris Stout-Hazard )

Roger and Chris: Don’t be afraid to change course if your design ideas aren’t working out.

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(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

Melinda and Mark: Collect art and barter! Buy what you want to look at and can afford not what someone else tells you is valuable. We built our collection by buying each other art for our birthdays. Now we've included Mother's Day/Father's Day, Valentines, Christmas and Hanukkah. As an art therapist, I can tell you that nothing improves your mood (except nature) better than surrounding yourself with things that make you smile. Accessorize and play with color and pattern.

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(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Erin: I would say don’t be afraid of a fixer upper so long as it’s structurally sound. You’ll get a better deal on the asking price and then you have the freedom to make it match your own personal aesthetic.

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(Image credit: Tamara Gavin)

Natalie: A friend recently told me about the Japanese principle of only having things in your home that are truly useful or that bring you genuine joy. I try to do that as much as possible, and find that when I clear out extraneous or stagnant objects, my home feels lighter and brighter.

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(Image credit: Sophie Timothy)

Laura: Decorate with things that make you happy, that are a reflection of you. Don’t get too stuck on trends, seasonal colours.

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(Image credit: Tamara Gavin)

Rob and Karie: You can't just buy the life you want to live, you have to make it for yourself.

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(Image credit: Monique Larroux)

Katy and Emily: Take pride in your space and keep it tidy. Coming home to a clean house is the best feeling ever! Take the extra thirty seconds to make your bed before you leave the house in the morning. You never know, it might inspire you to create a little order everywhere else. Also, surround yourself only by things you really love and connect with. Since our space is limited, we've been forced to be selective with decor items. It's nice to look around and love everything in the room.

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(Image credit: Cathy Pyle)

Emily and Stef: Create your space from within your heart, and you will create a happy home; be inspired by design trends but don't be led by them.

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