Rochelle's January Cure: My First Week

Rochelle's January Cure: My First Week

Rochelle Greayer
Jan 10, 2013

I have my reasons for joining the January Cure this year, besides a nagging wish I had done it last year (I mean for reals… not just getting the emails and thinking what a nice idea it all is). For good reason, this year, I really need my house to work for me like no other time before…

My work has changed fairly significantly over the last 24 months. I've worked from home for many years, but I used to spend a lot of time outside in other people's gardens (as an actively working garden designer). But now, I have completed a total career transformation to writing for a living. I've got a magazine, a blog, and now — my big news — I am writing a book. It's that last part that pushed me over the edge. A Book, A BOOK! (Hit repeat and you get what goes on in my head almost constantly.) And I have the next 9 months to get it done.

I am not an organized person by nature, but something about a contract that says I have to produce 50,000 of my own words and 600 original images in an organized and timely fashion lights a fire under me in a whole new way. Suddenly, I can't tolerate anything less than pure visual serenity in my work enviroment (which amounts to my whole house). I need everything around me to be as focused and streamlined as I need to be mentally. Anything less makes me worry that I will not perform at the standard I expect of myself. So, even though I'm a little short on extra time, I am doing the cure anyway. I'm convinced that it will pay off in February and the rest of year as I work through this project.

I have enlisted my kids to help — they each gave me lists of things that need to be sorted out in their bedrooms so that they can keep the places cleaner — and I have made my (3+ page) list of stuff to address (that's day #2) but I haven't got it all highlighted and prioritized (that is harder than it seems it should be). I already had an outbox so that day was easy. The bottom of the front hall closet is constantly getting filled with outgrown kids' clothes, old toys, and now, the other stuff that needs to leave).

But the big thing was some cleaning this weekend. When we put up the Christmas tree this year we did a bit of re-arranging in the living room. We bought a whole new wall of IKEA shelves that we have slowly been filling up, and now that the tree is gone and the holiday decor has been packed away, I am left with a new hole that didn't previously exist. The hole is opening up all kinds of creative thoughts. I immediately thought that maybe I should ask one of my favorite bloggers (Victoria at SFgirlbybay) if she might want to feature it on her regular Jealous Curator: Art Goes Here feature (and I might still) — but then thought I could ask your opinion.

Here is my dilemma: I love the new found emptiness, but I am not as excited about the wall color as I once was. I'm thinking I might need white — see the sample white test colors in the corner — and I think the hole is just too much of a hole.

I want to keep my vintage Charley Harper print in the mix (it is my most favorite Brimfield find of all time) but I need some art ideas. I need suggestions — you got any? Also, I'm in the market for a budget piano for my kids to practice on. I am having dreams of finding a really cool white piano that is in perfect condition on Craigslist for like $300 — I am a very specific and outrageously hopeful dreamer, I know. Between art and a piano I think the hole will be perfectly filled. But what to put over the imaginary-hopefully- someday piano? All this clean slatei-ness is making me feel more creative than ever… but I am also dithering much more than normal.

What do you think? Art suggestions much appreciated.

(Image: Rochelle Greayer)

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