Sleep, What's That? The Five Most Addictive Shows on Netflix

Sleep, What's That? The Five Most Addictive Shows on Netflix

Elizabeth Giorgi
Dec 3, 2012

You know when you discover a new show and think: "Great, I'll have something to watch tonight before bed." Before you know it, it's 7AM and you have to go to work, but you seriously consider calling in sick because now you need to watch season 2? I'm not necessarily speaking from experience, but…

It can happen to anyone. Especially when we're talking about these five shows:

Battlestar Galactica

Go watch this sketch from Portlandia. If you're wondering what all the fuss is about, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein perfectly capture it. Syfy took the original series and updated it for a more modern version of the space tale. If you've never seen the original, don't fret, you can easily pick up with this 2004 series.


Run of the mill crime shows doesn't usually hook you in from episode to episode, because they tend to follow a formula where each episode stands on its own. Luther is an impressive exception. The show's primary bad girl, played by Ruth Wilson, sticks around to torture John Luther in new and terrifying ways each week. On top of that, you are left wondering if the two are actually becoming friends in the process. Eerie, creepy and addicting.

Downton Abbey

Will they? Won't they? Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew are possibly the most dramatic faux couple in history. I love them. I hate them. No show has ever managed to give me such psychological mood swings about nothing.

Mad Men

If you are one of the three people who haven't seen this show yet, congratulations, you are in for an emotional ride through a 1960s New York Ad Agency. From the beginning, Peggy is the one to watch. She'll pull at your heartstrings, while you pull out your hair from the injustice of it all. Watch out with the first three seasons: they're the most solid and most addictive.

The Office: UK Edition

Has Ricky Gervais ever been better? Sure, the American remake with Steve Carell is genius too, but the original BBC version of The Office stands the test of time. Laughing or crying from laughing, you will enjoy every single sweet minute of it.

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