Sleeping (De)arrangements

Sleeping (De)arrangements

Gregory Han
Aug 2, 2007

This sounds utterly unromantic, but I've always been a fan of the Ricky and Lucy era style "his 'n hers" sleeping arrangement of having two beds for those co-habitating. I love my girlfriend like nobody else, but we've got completely different sleeping styles and our body temperatures couldn't be more different. I stay fairly still all night and like a cold bedroom/cool pillow; Emily prefers to be bundled like a chipmunk hibernating in the winter. She also has a dangerous habit of raising and lowering her arms like she's doing slow sets of jumping jacks (slow up, lighnting quick on the downstroke), so I have to keep an eye half open at all times, lest I wake up to an elbow chop to the ole sniffer (and it has happened).

Summer is the toughest time of the year, since I like to practically have the air conditioner blowing directly ontop of my smokestack hot head and go Brando island nekkid, while my girlfriend dons long johns and creates a yurt of warmth with all the excess bedding I've kicked off. Do you remember McDonald's McDLT, where they separated the cool side of ingredients in one compartment and the other side contained the other half of the meal? Then you put it altogether...well, you get the picture.

I was thinking about this today because of a discussion about the Tempur-pedic line of mattresses. A coworker mentioned he and his wife love their memory foam mattress. But I've owned memory foam myself, and found myself feeling uncomfortably hot sleeping on a material that literally creates a human marination system. Perhaps I'd like memory foam cushioning while slumbering in Siberia or Minnesota, but here in Los Angeles, I found the material was tantamount to some medieval torture device ("Officer, I found him a puddle of his own sweat!"). Of course, Emily loved every moment sleeping on a memory foam pad and will politely remind me of her blissful sleep for those few weeks we gave it a try. She puts up with the sweaty hot fella next to her, and I continue deftly dodge her elbows of death. Such is love.

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