Decluttering Tips: Shedding Clothes from Your Closet

Decluttering Tips: Shedding Clothes from Your Closet

Alysha Findley
Jan 18, 2013

Is opening your closet in the morning to get dressed a test of will? We've all had those moments when we look in our closet and can't find what we're looking for through the jumbled, unorganized mess staring back at us. Well, let's stop this and discuss some tips on how to help.

Do we all wish we had spacious, organized closets like Carrie Bradshaw? Obviously, but that's just not the case for the majority of us folks. So let's deal with our small, cramped, unorganized closets now and daydream later.

Do you have a closet full of clothes just taking up valuable real estate that are so old you can't even remember where you got them? If the answer is yes, let's start there. If it's been a while since you have slashed through your closet and made a trip to the thrift store, now's the time.

Ask yourself a few key questions for each item of clothing:

  1. What's Your Feeling? Does your closet make you feel stressed, overwhelmed, guilty or sad? If so, it's time for a change, your closet doesn't need to have that kind of power over you.
  2. When Is The Last Time I Wore This? If it's more than a year ago maybe it's time to say goodbye.

  3. What Has More Value, the Object or the Space? If the answer is the latter you know what to do.
  4. Who's Style Is It Anyway? Are your clothes dictating your style? Have you had the same style for the past decade because that's what's in your closet? Maybe it's time to re-think. Go window shopping and see what styles you are naturally drawn to. Pay attention to who you look at on the street or in the media, what are they wearing? Is that more of the style you're interested in these days? Maybe it's time to re-invent yourself to reflect the who that you are now.
  5. Is It a Treasure?: If you have a few things that are sentimental or one of a kind treasures, keep those around until you are ready to shed them. You'll know when it's time.

Ok, the hard part is done and now you can take some time to organize your new closet in a way that makes you happy. Is it by item, color, style? Maybe even go so far as to reward yourself with some of those nice wooden or padded hangers you've been wanting.

Now, get in the mood and get going. Throw on some cheery tunes and take some time during the day on a weekend when you are not tired to begin this overhaul. When Monday comes around and you smile as you open your closet doors you will thank yourself.

(Image: Giovan & Chloe's Urban Vintage Loft)

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