Tolga and Gulin's Illuminated iLife

Tolga and Gulin's Illuminated iLife

Gregory Han
Jan 18, 2013

Name: Tolga and Gulin Seremet
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Size: 1,152 ft²

A life artfully arranged. Tolga and Gulin have designed an apartment where everything seems to have a thoughtfully designated space for each element, complete with spot and ambient illumination, showcasing a flair for display and creating a mood throughout their flat in Istanbul, Turkey. From ice cool to romantic warm, ambient lighting is just an extension of this couple's plans to create a home where music, movies, and technology are the centerpieces of their lives...with nary a cord or cable in sight!

Apartment Therapy Tour Survey:

My/our style: Contemporary, clean and cozy.

The inspiration behind the design and technology in our space: Clean, uncluttered, and hi-tech. We tried to balance entertainment options with and design in our apartment. We like music and movies, so we tried to create a space which we could enjoy music and movies wherever we are at home. Thanks to Apple Airplay wireless technology, we can stream our music library to 3 different Denon Airplay Network streamers, in 3 different rooms! The Remote app for iTunes lets us control iTunes with any of our iOS devices, and our new iPad mini handles this job perfectly. Airplay is a two-way technology, so I can use my Denon infrared remote to skip tracks from iTunes. Both Airplay and Denon streamers support Party Mode feature, it becomes handy in parties and lets us play the same source in different rooms.

We're using Mac Mini as an HTPC and running Plex Media Server on it. Plex have its own application which you can use as a remote control or as a Media Player Client, this feature lets us enjoy the movie library all over the house.

Additionally, I have a PS3 and XBox 360 connected to the entertainment system in living room. And I really enjoy playing in loud volumes. Since its not possible to turn on the volume over the decent level, I use Sony Wireless Surround Headphones to enjoy the games at any sound level in any time. Sony MDR-DS7100 wireless headphones are one of the most logical investment in our home electronics.

The Panasonic TV and Denon Network streamers have their own remote control apps, so instead of browsing your iTunes Library, you can enjoy LastFM or online radios using the softremote.

We really like to collect items from all over the world, and the best way to show them off is to put them in our shelving with some illumination.

I've been using Macromedia Freehand for over 15 years. When I see an illustration which may fit into our home decor with some touchups, I redraw it in Freehand, change colors and sent it to canvas shop. All the canvas prints in our tour gallery were created using this method.

Favorite element in your space: Expedit with LED. I tried hard to hide the cables, and create a checker board look with lights. The souvenirs, toys, and gadgets took some time to collect. We really like the smooth and colorful look while working at home.

Biggest challenge in designing my space: Living room cable management. We wanted a clean look around TV unit and without distraction of cable boxes, hi-fi equipment, video consoles etc. We collected the hi-fi equipment, game consoles and Mac mini on the opposite side of the TV. Because of the space between visual sources and TV a 21 feet HDMI cable required for this connection. 

What friends say about my space: They first say they like the clean and modern look of the place. Then they're inspired by the technical architecture of our home. Finally they are surprised by devices like the Philips LED wine cooler or illuminated coasters. 

Area where there is room for improvement/future projects: The dining and living room. We are planning to add a Calligaris Mag TV shelf, Dali Fazon F5 Speakers, 65" Plasma and curtains.

Proudest DIY (do it yourself) project: Not a huge DIY, but I'm happy with the customized IKEA Expedit.

Biggest indulgence with respect to my space: Breaking the living room wall, mounting a cable channel into it, painting and hanging the TV. Much better look than the standing look.

Best advice about organizing or incorporating tech into the home: Organize wired and wireless devices separately. Don't use wires for a system that can be used wireless such as Airplay streaming. And always have a backup plan for a wireless connection; wi-fi which can be interrupted by a simple signal or a guest wi-fi user.

Dream source for stuff: For furniture I like hang around MODOKO Furniture Store Complex located in Istanbul was established in 1969, hosts about total of 350 companies and covering an area of 150,000 square meters. For electronics & gadgets, blogs and websites are the best source. 

Home Tech Hardware:

  • Apple MacBook Pro 17
  • Apple Mac Mini with Plex Media Server
  • Apple Magic Mouse
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard
  • Apple iPod Classic 80GB
  • Apple iPod Shuffle
  • Apple iPhone 3GS
  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iPad Mini
  • Seagate 3TB Backup Plus
  • Seagate 1TB x 2
  • Sony Playstation Slim x 2
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Xbox 360 Halo 4 Edition
  • Sony PSP
  • Nintendo 3DS

Audio/Visual Components:

  • Denon RCD-N7 Network Player
  • Q Acoustics Speaker Stands
  • Panasonic 42ST50 3D Smart Plasma
  • Denon DNP-720AE Network Player
  • Denon PMA-520AE Integrated Amplifier
  • Dali Concept2 Stereo Speakers
  • Sony MDR-RF7100 Wireless Stereo Surround Headphones
  • Sonorous Media Rack
  • Sonorous Speaker Stands
  • HD-Smart Cable Box
  • Denon DNP-F109 Network Player
  • Denon DRA-F109DAB Stereo Receiver
  • Pro-ject Debut Carbon Esprit Turntable
  • 20 years old Kenwood speakers

Philips Living Colors x 2

Organizing Tools/Accessories:
Two IKEA (9 feet & 6 feet) Sliding Door Closets

3 x 9000 and 1 x 14000 BTU GE Air Conditioning
Dyson Air Multiplier
Built-in Siemens Dishwasher & Oven

Calligaris, Habitat, and IKEA


Kibardin Design LED Clock
Art Lebedev Verbarius Clock

Ambient Illumination:
Philips Illuminated Coasters
Philips Illuminated Wine Cooler

Canvas Prints:
All drawn in Freehand by me referencing original art work.

Thanks, Tolga and Gulin!

(Images: Tolga Seremet)

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