Tried & True Ways of Wrangling Your Earphone Cords

Tried & True Ways of Wrangling Your Earphone Cords

Range Govindan
Nov 20, 2012

Is there anything more frustrating than having to untangle earphone cords? Without planning ahead it's almost certain to happen. Here's how to avoid losing those precious lost minutes and not starting your day with frustration...

Although there are supposed to be some "tangle-free" earphone cords, they usually always end up tangled in the end. I've recently changed earphones* and have been running into the issues of tangles because the wires are a bit longer than before. There are plenty of solutions available to keep them tidy, but you need to be extra careful with the cords, because if they are wrapped too tightly you can damage them. Always wrapping them in the same manner can also lead to a break, harder to spot inside the wires themselves.

I've experimented with a couple of different ways to keeping my earphone wires untangled, and here's what I do:

1. Storage Case: Find yourself an earphone case, if your earphones didn't come with a suitable one. I salvaged one from my old Shure 110. These cases are usually somewhat rigid and will protect your earphones from any of the usual wear and tear.

2. How to Wrap: When you start wrapping your earphones, start with the end with the plug, and slowly wrap them around your fingers. You'll need to use 2 or 3 to get the right size to fit optimally in your case.

3. Use Included Storage Kits: Some cases include a small pocket for adapters. If you've got these, then you can slide the earbuds into these and leave the wires wrapped up in the main body of the case.

4. Keep the Earbuds On the Outside: Once you're done wrapping, place the earbuds on the outside of the wrapped cords. Keep them like this and put them into the case. If your case is tight enough, the earbuds will stay in place and it will be extremely easy to get your earbuds out. Simply grasp the earbuds and let the wires untangle themselves with gravity.

5. DIY a Credit Card Holder: If this doesn't work for you, then you could use a small piece of plastic, that you can carve from an old credit card to hold your earbuds away. You'll need to shape it right so that it fits into the case, but this will keep your cords untangled.

*Note: I use the RHA MA450i earphones in white, which have a fabric-braided cable that is supposed to reduce tangling. That didn't really help, but it did make them easier to manipulate. Some earphones, like the Beats Tour have an unusual shape to their wires, making them easier to keep tangle-free. I prefer the Kevlar-coated or fabric-coated wires.)

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