Challenge: Visit Every Local Park This Summer!

Challenge: Visit Every Local Park This Summer!

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 7, 2009

We don't have to tell a group of parents to go visit your local parks, as we're pretty sure it's safe to assume you all already are! It's a great way to be part of your community while getting out of the house without any upfront expense. But we think it's time to take your park adventures to the next level, by making this summer memorable and visiting every local park in your metropolitan area! Are you up to the challenge?

How many parks are in your area? When we looked up our local parks from our county parks and recreation department (most cities have them all listed online with directions these days!), we were amazed at the parks we didn't know about!

We've always had our favorites, ones with special slides or swings, or ones that have a nice cool shady space for moms and dads to sit, but there were literally 30+ parks that we'd never heard about, let alone visited!

So our family has made a plan to visit every park in the city this summer. We've started making a list of parks that are in close proximity together, so if one park is literally just a slide and a patch of grass, there's another one on the list that might be more thrilling to hang out at for awhile.

Sometimes we pack a lunch and sometimes we plan our outing in between meal times, so as to not weigh down our travels any. We've come across some parks that aren't as well maintained as others, so we've started bringing along a trash bag to help clean things up while the little ones play. Sticks work well to stab trash if you come across something you don't want to touch. We like to think we're helping to make some areas better than when we arrived and making it fabulous for the next person that comes along.

Are you up to the challenge? Do you think you could visit every park in your community this summer? We're going to give it a go and you should too! It's been a blast so far and a great way to spend time outdoors, while burning energy and having fun!!

(Image: Flickr Member Pink Sherbet Photography licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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