3 Tiny Tweaks To Make Your Living Room More Functional

3 Tiny Tweaks To Make Your Living Room More Functional

Jennifer Hunter
Jan 25, 2015

You may be just a few adjustments away from making your most-used room your best-loved room. These ideas are easy to implement and could be the final fall-into-place piece your space needs to really sing.

Reconcile flow vs function

That is, think about how you will use your room and set yourself up for success. Do you need to walk through your living room regularly? Don't make it an obstacle course — make sure there are multiple clear paths to make it through unscathed. If your room is more about a cozy, tucked away corner to watch movies and hang, group your seating and position the TV for optimal viewing. Does something feel off about your layout? Don't be afraid to use good ole trial and error and play around with your design until it feels just right.

Give every seat an easily-available surface and a light

Nothing is more frustrating than plopping down to relax with your tea, only to awkwardly stretch to set the cup down on a far-away table. Make your relaxing time actually relaxing with a setup that's easy and functional. That goes double for lighting. Dim, no man's land seating is just a waste of space. Add accessories and lighting until every seat is the best seat in the house.

Don't hide what you need—organize it

There are certain realities that make this your living room, not a perfected space where no one watches TV or touches the stack of styled books. There are always things that are useful rather than beautiful and that's fine; there's no need to hide away all the functional things you need to use everyday. Take a hint from the Allison and Ben's Brooklyn home and invest in a pretty tray for your less-than-pretty remotes.

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