Can't Spare A Weekend? Take A 2 Hour Day Trip

Can't Spare A Weekend? Take A 2 Hour Day Trip

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 7, 2009

It's often hard for us to read of the fabulous vacations our friends and family members are able to take this time of year (or any time of year for that matter). The crazy work schedules that go on in our home don't seem to allow for even a weekends worth of leave time, but we've figured out a great way to get away, without going far...

The most time we seem to be able to acquire between all of our obligations is 24 hours. And although it might seem like it would be easier to stay home, we're firm believers in getting out and seeing the world around us. Not only does it keep us creative, but it also breaks us out of our daily routines, which for most, is always a welcome change!

Using either a physical map or online mapping device, we set a two hour perimeter around our home town. We have come to the conclusion that 2 hours is as far as we care to drive in any direction without stopping for extra things like gas, food or to stretch our legs. In order to maximize the time we have to spend exploring new towns (plus it helps keep costs down), we've tried to eliminate that extra 20 minutes to stock up on junk at gas stations or rest stops. 20 minutes each way adds up to 40 minutes we could have been checking out a new antique store or the World's Largest Ball of Twine!

Sometimes we pack our own lunch (finding a great picnic spot can be more fun than eating out), and other times we grab a bite at a roadside diner. We make time for sight seeing, shopping, tourism and national parks along the way.

There have been times we've traveled two hours away just to ride our bikes around back roads and trails instead of spending our time looking at stores. It can be just as much fun to get out in nature and burn some energy, especially when there's a 2 hour car ride home!

2 hours out and 2 hours back is an easy time frame to manage with even the busiest of schedules and truly supports your local economy! See what's near you this weekend!

(Image: Flickr Member Poppyseed Bandits licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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