Wet Weather Protection: Waterproof Cellphone Solutions

Wet Weather Protection: Waterproof Cellphone Solutions

Jeff Heaton
Jan 17, 2012

If you're like us your phone never leaves your side. It's too handy, it's got everything on it, but it's also defenseless against the plague of water. One ill timed step and there goes your precious iPhone right into that Marianas-Trench-sized puddle. We've come across a few solutions for rainy days, beach visits, and the occasional drop in the tub.

1. Liquipel ($69)
We've discussed adding things like glycerin before as a defogger, but Liquipel is a full coating that makes your device impervious to Poseidon's rage. The permanent bond is 1000th the thickness of a human hair so it doesn't affect use or even go noticed. And all features of the phone remain in tact. We're not sure we're ready to scuba dive with it just yet, but we love that it maintains all the goodness of the phone without the fat of a case.

2. Krusell SEaLABox ($49.99)
The SEaLABox is a mixture of casings that looks like your phone has been vacuum sealed for freshness. The inner casing makes it waterproof and the outer acts like a hard shell but the device is still useable despite the layers of protection. Sadly it reduce some of the functions, but you have to give some things up to get a full seal. We like how many devices it supports.

3. iOttie Waterproof Skin Case ($11.99)
The most minimal waterproofing solution after the Liquipel, iOttie skin cases are like form fitting Ziploc bags. While we we're not a huge fan of single use products, these are a good option if you only plan on spending a limited time near water. The low price is also attractive, though like the other casings features become limited while sealed.

4. Eco Pod Waterproof Case ($44.37)
The Eco Pod is essentially a scuba suit for your phone. It even comes with waterproof headphones and integrated external controls. This makes it one of the only ones we've seen for underwater tunes. It's also more rugged than many solutions and floats. That said you trade functionality for bulk. Again, it's basically a scuba suit for your phone so if you don't mind the extra blockiness of the case or need your music under water the Eco Pod could be up your alley.

5. The Joy Factory RainBallet ($47.32)
A slightly less thick waterproof case, the RainBallet lets you access most everything while it's in the case. In particular the one way filter allows sound to come out without water getting in. It's also got lenses to allow for pictures and video. It would be nice to have headphones while laying out or cruising around on a jet ski. That said, we like that it's not as dense as some cases but that you still get most of the functions you'd expect to use.

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