What Should You Know About Each Other Before You Move In Together?

What Should You Know About Each Other Before You Move In Together?

Tess Wilson
Jan 22, 2013

Anyone who might someday live with me has a bit of an advantage: 400+ posts full of my bad habits, hang-ups, and obsessions. But what about the rest of us? What do you recommend knowing about each other before you move in together?

I think I would want someone to know as many of my flaws as possible, for though I am delightful, I do have a few foibles: I get so wrapped up in projects that I make a big enough mess that it necessitates sweeping everyday, I'm basically useless for the entire winter, I'm the Princess & The Pea, I have a thing for toxic plants, and I need a hot pink Navajo blanket, like, now. And there are more charming eccentricities, not yet discussed here: I like my apartment freezing cold at night but warm and cozy during the day. If I can't find the perfect (affordable, attractive, ideally secondhand) version of something, even something somewhat essential, I go without it for absurd lengths of time. I need to try on all my dresses while getting ready for a party, creating a very festive heap. My ponytail holders are everywhere. And I greatly enjoy staying up late, drinking wine, and reading The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor while watching Gossip Girl. I just hope my baking and dance party skills can make up for all that.

But in all seriousness, here's something I've learned: the things about you that bugged past roommates, whether romantic or platonic, will probably not bother future roommates. The things we think of as annoying habits might not even be noticed, or will perhaps even be celebrated! The flip side of this is that at 32 years of age, it will be gently pointed out to you that you never, ever put the lid on things all the way. Who knew?! There's that ideal balance between compromise/self-improvement and acceptance/self-acceptance. I can start putting the lids on things (at least I hope I can), but if I had to give up my late-night fashion blog-reading frivolity? Well, I wouldn't be me.

What do you recommend couples (and friends) know about each other before they move in together?

(Image: Design Details: The Mailboxes Of Venice)

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