What's On Your 2013 Bucket List?

What's On Your 2013 Bucket List?

Tess Wilson
Jan 15, 2013

I spent New Year's Eve Day with one of my favorite couples, and as they generously handed out lovely bottles of olive oil from their hometown to everyone, they made a joke that starting their own olive oil company should be on their bucket list for 2013. I asked them what actually was on their list and they mentioned a couple of countries they'd like to visit, some sporty goals, etc. It got me thinking that a bucket list might be a lot more fun than guilt-induced resolutions…

But first, let me tell you that I can't hear the phrase "bucket list" without thinking of Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) on 30 Rock, bemoaning his fate: "Wow, I can't believe I'm dead. There was still so much left on my bucket list. So many different kinds of buckets I wanted to own. Buckets!" And Patricia Clarkson in Easy A bouncing on the couch exclaiming, "The Bucket List! The Bucket List!"

Anyway, it seems that resolutions can often be rooted in the negative (I'll stop biting my nails, I'll lose weight, I'll stop procrastinating on whatever), whereas a bucket list is all about the positive: We'll go to Costa Rica! I'll learn to kickbox! I'll frame all my art! We'll learn to make tofu! Even if some of the things on the list might be a bit mundane (I'll set up a 401K! I'll start brushing my hair!), it's the attitude that makes a difference. These are things we're excited to do this year, things we'll be so proud to have accomplished, things that will make our lives better, more interesting, more stable, more fun.

What's on your list for 2013? My list is basically everything listed above — I've only tackled the hair-brushing so far, but it is going very well.

(Image: Glitter New Year's Candles DIY from Celebrations)

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