When Do You Know It's Time to Move?

When Do You Know It's Time to Move?

My husband and I looked at one apartment the last time we moved — we loved the listing, we loved it in person, and 6 years later, we love it still. Well...we mostly love it. Lately, the things we don't love are starting to wear on us: walking the four flights of stairs with our dog and toddler. The closets that are too small no matter how much we pare down. The rotating band of very merry, very loud college students next door. So we've starting talking about moving...

We started looking casually a few months ago, and so far, we haven't found anything we like better than our current place. We love our layout, our soaring living room ceiling, and the views from our deck. We've spent years decorating it, and recently finished some necessary renovations that made it even more our style. Plus, I loathe every single aspect of moving.

That said, we both have the nagging feeling that it's just not going to last much longer. We've simply outgrown it. How have you decided when to move? Obviously, there are life events that necessitate moving, like job changes, impending marriage or divorce, and so on, but I mean moving when it's solely by choice. Were you were fed up with your neighbors? Was the layout a disaster? Could you finally afford to buy — or were you sick of owning? I'm curious to see what prompts others to pick up and start life in a new home.

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