Who Makes Decorating Decisions in Your Home?

Who Makes Decorating Decisions in Your Home?

Julia Brenner
Nov 7, 2012

While browsing/eavesdropping at a local home design store, I caught a conversation underway that made me stop my pillow shopping and listen. A woman said to her mate: "What about these two colors for our bedroom?" To which the man replied, ahem: "Babe, it's totally up to you, as long as I get my man cave." To which their female friend replied: "That's just like my boyfriend. But I love that he doesn't care because I like to do everything my way." To which I clutched an over-priced karate chopped pillow and silently lamented non-egalitarian decorating.

Aside from the obvious falling-into-stereotyped-roles that seemed to be playing out in the home store (although who knows, maybe those two guys just really don't like decorating, but they love gardening or cooking? Maybe?), the idea that only one person calls all the shots is very different from my own experience. I think I might feel frustrated if my own partner didn't have any opinions about the way our home was decorated, yet the woman in the store seemed gleeful that she got to make all the decisions.

So, on this post-election day, now that we've chosen our elected officials, I'm curious how all of you operate when it comes to making decorating decisions. If you're the Decider, do you love having total control? Or do you wish your co-inhabitant/s would pony up and get involved in the process?

Or is it decorating of the people by the people in your home? Are there ever heated debates over decorating decisions? And if so, how do you reach compromises?

P.S. Despite our different methods of decorating, I hope we can all agree that there should be a nationwide ban on the term "man cave". The only words that should come before "cave" are "Carlsbad" or "Bat". Ixnay on man cave = 2013! I'll make signs…

(Image: Crystal & Gavin's House for Modernist Cats (& Dogs!))

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