Everyone's Least Favorite Tech Chores & Ways to Avoid Them

Everyone's Least Favorite Tech Chores & Ways to Avoid Them

Range Govindan
Oct 19, 2012

Admit it, technology doesn't always make life easier. Even though tech helps people to do their jobs and the tasks that they need to accomplish, maintaining your tech can involve lots of little chores you probably hate doing. Here's a list of our least favorite tech chores, and steps we've taken so that they don't bother us too much anymore.

1. Computer Virus Scan: If you've got a computer, you need to run virus scans. Depending on how many hard drives you have, and how thoroughly you scan them, this process can take hours to complete.

-Run your scan late at night, when you're not using your computer.
-Run it while you're at work — start it off before you leave and it might be completed by the time you get back.

2. Charging Your Phone: It doesn't matter what kind of phone you have, eventually you'll have to charge it. The process makes using your phone less convenient, especially if you need to use it while it's charging.

-Buy a cheap battery pack, either a case or an external battery, and charge up your phone when it needs juice. I've been doing this for the last couple of months when I'm gone for the whole day. The cheap case means that I don't have to carry around a phone charger.

3. Defragment Your Hard Drive: If you haven't automated this task on your PCs, odds are that the next time you run a defrag, it will take days to complete.

-The only way to avoid it is to schedule it regularly when you're not using your computer, preferably late at night. Check out this post on how to do this.

4. Upload Photos to the Cloud: If you take a lot of photos, it's probably certain that you either back them up to your computer and/or back them up to the cloud. With cloud storage services getting cheaper and cheaper, it's just common sense to have a backup in case a hard drive falters.

-If you take a lot of photos, this process can take time. It's best to do it every couple of days and get it over with, when you're busy doing something else. The good thing is that once the photos are queued up, you can unplug your device from your computer.

5. Managing Media on Mobile Devices: There's nothing more annoying that having to delete media from your phone or tablet when you've hit the limit. Lucky for me, I ensure that this rarely happens on my mobile devices. At home, it's another matter.

-The way to avoid this is to be good at managing your mobile device's storage or to buy the versions of devices with the most storage. With 64GB on both my phone and tablet, I've never had to delete much media. However, I do manage my photos/videos and delete things that I no longer need or duplicate pics.

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